The position paper for the directory "BBMRI-ERIC Directory: 515 Biobanks with Over 60 Million Biological Samples" is published in Biopreservation and Biobanking.

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Holub Petr, Swertz Morris, Reihs Robert, van Enckevort David, Müller Heimo, and Litton Jan-Eric. Biopreservation and Biobanking. December 2016, 14(6): 559-562. doi:10.1089/bio.2016.0088.

A short user manual is also available.

How to get included

BBMRI-ERIC operates on the basis of a federated model, composing of National Nodes. Therefore if you wish to register your biobank in the Directory, please contact your National Node. You will then be advised with regards to next steps, following which your biobank and relevant data will be integrated into the BBMRI-ERIC Directory.

Should you require assistance with getting in touch with your respective National Node or have any further questions about the Directory, please do not hesitate to contact us our Helpdesk. We will do our best to address any questions you may have.

Information for data management

The following resources are available for data managers who have to integrate data into the directory, e.g. from a national node directory.

  1. BBMRI-ERIC directory data managers manual
  2. Code lists:
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Data upload templates
  5. MOLGENIS Technical documentation